Kallisto Software - what we do (and do not!) supply

The Kallisto is primarily a hardware product which is supplied with full programming information. The following software packages are either supplied as standard or on request. It is up to the user to determine that they are suitable for their application.


Linux driver.

Available Now

Tardis for Windows 95 and NT now incorporates direct support for the Kallisto receiver. Please see http://www.kaska.demon.co.uk for more information about Tardis.

Operating System



Labmon47 - simple GPS receiver diagnostic and test program


Utility to set operating system clock to within 10 milliseconds

Windows NT 4

Supported by TimeServ product


Task to set operating system clock to within 1 millisecond


Device driver to set the operating system clock

Note: we do not supply any DOS programs to set the operating system clock


This program is written by Rockwell to support the Jupiter GPS receiver fitted to the Kallisto. It is capable of displaying all time, navigation and satellite information that the Jupiter is able to supply. It is supplied with the Kallisto in both executeable and source format. It is a DOS program and will also run in a Windows DOS box.

Windows 3.1x/Windows95 Clock Utility

This is a 16 bit Windows application. It reads the time from the Kallisto and periodically sets the operating system clock. The clock can be set to UTC (GMT) or any local offset from UTC. This program is supplied with the Kallisto in executeable format.

This program exploits the 1 pulse per second interrupt and sets the operating system clock within the interrupt service routine. Overall accuracy is difficult to determine as it depends on whether another interrupt pre-empts the service routine whilst the clock is being set. An accuracy of greater than 10 milliseconds should be easily achievable.


This program is supplied as part of the Windows NT Server Resource Kit. The latest version, due to be released in mid 1997 will support the Kallisto. Prior to release, Greening Technology will supply, on request, a test version that supports the Kallisto. To use this software you must hold a valid licence for the NT4 Server Resource Kit. (This can be purchased at most computer bookshops)

TimeServ will set the operating system clock to an accuracy of better than the clock's resolution. (Approximately 10 milliseconds). The computer containing the Kallisto can then act as a master time server for other networked clients. For more information about TimeServ please click here.

QNX Clock Task

QNX 4 is a real time multi tasking operating system for the PC. It is ideally suited for control and data logging applications. Because it is realtime it is possible to more fully exploit the Kallisto's high time accuracy. On request Greening Technology will supply, free of charge, the C source code to a task that sets the operating system clock to an accuracy of the operating system ticksize. (0.5 milliseconds on reasonably fast 486 and above platforms) This code can also be used as the basis for more sophisticated tasks as messageing hooks have been included. Position and other navigation information can also be obtained using this program. NTP can be added to the platform to make the time available to other networked clients. (Not just QNX, but DOS, Windows and UNIX as well). NTP for QNX can be downloaded free from QSSL.


A loadable device driver that sets the operating system clock. Uses the 1 pps interrupt, and therefore sets the time very accurately. Click here to

view the author's readme file, or here to go to his web page. Please note that this software is not supported in any way by Greening Technology.

Other Software

GPSS, Global Positioning System Software is a low cost package that shows your current position on a moving map display. Please consult the author's web page for more information.

FGT, Field Geometry Tool, will log positional data from the Kallisto. This software is primarily designed to be be used with Greening Technology's Arcas Differential GPS surveying system, but will work with the Kallisto but without differential corrections. Please contact jth@ion.le.ac.uk if you require this software.

The Kallisto card will work with most software packages that require NMEA protocol input.

What we don't support


Anyone wishing to contribute code for the above, or any other platform, is invited to contact jth@ion.le.ac.uk

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