A brief introduction to using UNIX

Logging in and out

To log into the Silicon Graphics terminals you must enter your username and press 'return'. A new box will appear where you should enter your password and then press 'return'.

To log out, go to the Desktop Menu and click on the option to Log Off, then click the appropriate button which appears.


To open Netscape, go to the Internet Menu and click on the open web browser option.


Winterms are where you type UNIX commands into the computer. To open a winterm go to the Desktop menu and click on 'open unix shell'. UNIX is similar in many ways to the DOS operating system to be found on PCs, you can find out what files you have and how big they are, move between directories etc. It is a lot more powerful than this, however you will only need to know the following commands.

The ls command will list the files in the current directory. To find out more information about the files you can type

ls -l

Ghostview is a basic graphics program capable of looking at postscript files (the file extension of postscript files is .ps). To look at a particular postscript file type:

ghostview name.ps

where name.ps is the name of the file you want to look at.