Task 2 - Today's Space Weather.

The physical conditions out in space are becoming increasingly important in today's technological society. Solar activity can be harmful to astronauts, cause problems in communications satellites and even cause power blackouts at high latitudes. Therefore monitoring and predicting space weather is a very active area of research.

Task 2. What are the current space weather conditions? Answer the following questions......

1. What is the current solar wind speed?
2. What is the current solar wind proton density?
3. Have there been any solar flares or coronal mass ejections recently (anywhere up to a week ago)?
4. What is the forecast for geomagnetic activity?
5. Which areas of the earth is the auroral oval currently over?
6. What is the value of Bz in the interplanetary magnetic field?

Task 2 Here are some good places to look.......
NOAA Space Weather Now webpage
POES satellite homepage
NOAA 'Space Weather Today'
Spacescience homepage
Aurorawatch from the University of York

Space Weather Glossary The Aurora