Work Experience in the RSPP group – Draft Proposal

We suggest a web based learning approach to space weather and related flows in the upper atmosphere ionosphere.

Below is a brief list of our idea.

1. A web page will be written to help the student through the morning. This web page will contain links to introductory text on space weather and ionospheric physics, web pages relating to space weather, and pages relating to interplanetary magnetic field conditions.

2. The student will do a web-based study on the day’s space weather and interplanetary magnetic field conditions.

3. The student will then study a previous interval (which we know is interesting). Ideally, the IMF conditions for this day will show a marked turning of the IMF, and the SuperDARN HF radars will observe lots of scatter.

4. Student will then be given a simple introduction to the map-potential global modelling technique. They will be given their own (secure) user area and shown how to image the global ionospheric conditions for the relevant interval.

Possible web pages.

RSPPG homepage
CDAWeb database
Space Science webpage
NASA's Space Weather homepage
The ACE spacecraft homepage
A more advanced solar-terrestrial reference