Hello there everyone,

Happy greetings from Steve, Gabby and child-to-be in Leicester. We did the first scan yesterday and thought it would be a good idea to put the ultrasound pictures on the web. The baby is 14.5 weeks old and is due on October 22 (thus not quite a millenilum baby !). As you can see the head, body and arms are visible (with some squinting - head is on the right). I am sure that the bump wants to say hello to friends and relatives all over the world and is looking forward to meeting you all.

Lots of love, Steve , Gabby and Bump

Hello again, the baby is now 20 weeks old and we did a second scan on the 2 June. All appears to be going well and the baby is making rapid growth, as you can see on the ultrasound pictures below. The baby's head is on the right hand side, on the first picture you can see its head in profile, while the second picture is more of a face-of 'alien shot', its right hand appears in the top of this picture. The baby appears to be developing a roman nose (some would even say gallic...)

Love from Steve, Gabby and definitely-a-bump-now

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