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"Desire to appear clever often prevents our becoming so." (199)

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Hello all. Well it's some time since Felix and Benjamin were born (that's their passport photos on the right), so I'm trying to rationalise these pages somewhat. I've kept the girthogram etc. for posterity, so you can find a link to that stuff below. Keep checking out Felix and Ben's photo album, as pictures are added as they're taken. Ciao for now...


Here we go again! Yes, number 2 is on the way. Just so that we can all keep track of progress, here is the girthogram for the present gestation. Estimated girth at birth is an extrapolation of the last 10 girth measurements. For more details, see Felix's girthogram.

This time around we are conducting a super-posed epoch analysis of the girth - Felix's girthogram is superimposed in blue, time-shifted so that his estimated date of conception matches that of his little brother's or sister's (gender as yet undecided).

At the time of writing (16th March) we can see that the initial stages of the girth development have differed considerably this time around, but that the girth-curve has followed a remarkable extrapolation of Felix's girthogram (following the break-point at week 17). Isn't nature a wonderful and mysterious thing?!

Update: It's a boy! The sonogram from 3rd April, 2001, can be found on the right:

Benjamin's first pictures

Birth sweep-stake

So, the birth is coming up soon! To increase the frisson surrounding this already charged event, we are holding a sweep-stake on the time of birth. Ticket holders are as follows:

Aug 7th, 6 - 8 pm
Aug 7th, 8 - 10 pm
Aug 7th, 10 - 12 pm
Aug 8th, 0 - 2 am
Aug 8th, 2 - 4 am
Aug 8th, 4 - 6 am
Aug 8th, 6 - 8 am
Aug 8th, 8 - 10 am
Aug 8th, 10 - 12 am
Aug 8th, 0 - 2 pm
Aug 8th, 2 - 4 pm
Aug 8th, 4 - 6 pm
Aug 8th, 6 - 8 pm
Aug 8th, 8 - 10 pm
Tim & Em
Sella & Fiona
Aug 8th, 10 - 12 pm
Aug 9th, 0 - 2 am
Aug 9th, 2 - 4 am
Aug 9th, 4 - 6 am
Aug 9th, 6 - 8 am
Aug 9th, 8 - 10 am
Aug 9th, 10 - 12 am
Aug 9th, 0 - 2 pm
Aug 9th, 2 - 4 pm
Aug 9th, 4 - 6 pm
Aug 9th, 6 - 8 pm
Aug 9th, 8 - 10 pm
Aug 9th, 10 - 12 pm
Gramps & Grandma
Chris & Nicola

Some people have expressed concern regarding the taste or political correctness of this venture. May I emphasise that no distress - emotional or physical - has been experienced by the mother-to-be during the construction of this web-site. Thank you.

Congratulations to Scott - your ill-gotten gains will wing their way to you in the near future.

Professorial handbooks

Hear mention of the word "professor" and the phrase "doesn't know their arse from their elbow-patch" usually springs to mind. The LU Staff Development Office, seemingly aware of this problem, have now issued a series of Professorial Handbooks, aimed at helping our academic Ubermenschen through the minefield that is everyday life.

Through a nameless source in the SDO, we have obtained a copy of one of these treatises, concentrating on professorial ablutive methodology, and tailored specifically for RSPP (Click here for more details).

Other titles in this authoritative series include, we believe:

  • Happy professorial eating book,
  • Happy professorial student supervision book,
    and the definitive
  • Happy professorial elbow-patch fun book.


We've recently returned from three months in Japan, where I was working at the National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo.

Felix enjoyed himself there, in the meantime growing up from a little squealling thing aged 6 months to a little squealling thing aged 9 months. He did learn to crawl in that time, but resolutely refused to grow teeth. Who needs teeth to eat noodles?

Here he is (right) deciding where we should go sightseeing. No Felix, not DisneyWorld again!

Here's the view from the balcony of our apartment at NIPR. Click on the image to get an enlarged picture.


Eek, all my hair's fallen out! Confounding all doubters, I have been to have my hair cut. It turned out to be more of a drastic shearing than I had anticipated, but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound...

Mum and Dad, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Separated at birth...?


Anyone interested in kites, and especially their construction, should visit this wonderful kite site. I hope to get back to making kites again myself, once I manage to get hold of a sewing machine...


Keep listening to Stereolab and all will be right in the world. Pay particular heed to the lyrics of Enivrez-Vous (words originally by Baudelaire), reproduced below for your delight, delectation, and edification (translation):


Il faut être toujours ivre. Tout est là : c'est l'unique question. Pour ne pas sentir l'horrible fardeau du Temps qui brise vos épaules et vous penche vers la terre, il faut vous enivrer sans trêve. Mais de quoi ? De vin, de poésie ou de vertu, à votre guise. Mais enivrez-vous. Et si quelquefois, sur les marches d'un palais, sur l'herbe verte d'un fossé, dans la solitude morne de votre chambre, vous vous réveillez, l'ivresse déjà diminuée ou disparue, demandez au vent, à la vague, à l'étoile, à l'oiseau, à l'horloge, à tout ce qui fuit, à tout ce qui gémit, à tout ce qui roule, à tout ce qui chante, à tout ce qui parle, demandez quelle heure il est ; et le vent, la vague, l'étoile, l'oiseau, l'horloge, vous répondront: "Il est l'heure de s'enivrer ! Pour n'être pas les esclaves martyrisés du Temps, enivrez-vous; enivrez-vous sans cesse ! De vin, de poésie ou de vertu, à votre guise."

Although not strictly about alcohol, this song has inspired me to start a collection of my favorite drink-related pieces. Here are the first two:

Maderia, m'dear.
Chevaliers de la Table Ronde.

Poetry corner

It's come to my attention that all self-respecting scientists write poetry about their work and lives. Clearly, to be worth my salt, I must keep up the great tradition. Here, then, is my first offering, over which I sweated blood and tears outside a small café on the Rive Gauche.

Poem #1

Terry and Ranvir

Meet Terry and Ranvir and catch up with the odd couple's hilarious japes. Marvel as they take us on an exploration of the crazy world of ionospheric heating and plasma irregularities...

Episode 1 The power of symbolic notation.

Episode 2 Ranvir's big head.

Episode 3 Terry gets in hot water.

Episode 4 Don't fear the Reaper.

Episode 5 Frying tonight...

Episode 6 Vini vidi viva

RSPPG Nark-cam

A hidden camera in the computer room of the Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group allows Professor Stan Cowley to spy on his over-worked and under-paid research staff and students. I have tapped the cable running between the camera and The Office, and here present a live-feed (right), exposing the Nark-cam to the world. The image refreshes every 10 seconds.


Random picture

Beware. These people may be somewhere near you...

That's all for now folks...