IMAGE data: processing

IMAGE files come in compressed (gzip) form, i.e. with file extension .gz

First copy the files to a directory where you have write permission

To uncompress the files use

     gunzip *.gz

The files should then have names of the form:


These will be files with all the data on one line, with no line breaks. To overcome this, use

     format_iaga nur9505

i.e. no file extension; the same file name will be used for the output.

These are month files; to create day files use

     decompose_iaga nur9509.iaga

A number of files (up to 31!) will be created with names of the form:


These files are then usually transferred to the directory /cutlass/data/image.

format_iaga and decompose_iaga live in ~ets/Cutlass/bin.

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