[CC logo] Introduction To HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML)

The World Wide Web is at the heart of the explosion in the development of Internet data management tools. This is a short introduction to the Webs underlying mark-up language call "HyperText Mark-up Language", or more simply: HTML.

Further information on the development and standardisation of HTML can be found by visiting the Web's Developer's Virtual Library where you will find several resources on HTML. Some of the guides are listed below and are stored at Leicester for faster retrieval and browsing.

Introduction to HTML

The Basics
What is HTML?
Structure of an HTML Document & Good Working Practices

Getting Started With HTML
Character Formatting
Preformatted Text (tables, etc...)
Special Characters

Hypertext Links
Links Within the Same Document
Links To Other Documents
Relative vs. Absolute Pathnames
Uniform Resource Locators

Including Pictures

HTML Editors
HTML Convertors

On-Line Documentation
A Crash Course In Writing WWW Documents
A Beginner's Guide To HTML
HTML Reference Guide

Publishing on the Web

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