Felix pictures: birth

Felix Magnus Provan Milan was born at 20:07 on 4 Nov 1999, weighing in at 9lb and 3.5oz (4.2 kg)

Felix pictures: shortly after birth

The Hungry Homunculus

Felix's passport photograph...

Me and Felix

Felix and his (paternal) Grandfather

Felix, his (maternal) Grandfather and Gabby

Aunt Fiona

Aunt Sella


Felix became a Bay City Rollers fan at an early age...

Gabby and Felix


Darren and Helena

Jackie and Matt

Jonny and Lisa

Felix pictures: one and a half months

Felix as himself...

...and as Santa's little helper

Felix pictures: three and a half months

The greys have landed

With Gramps...

...and Grandma

On the sofa (with Peeps too)

Felix pictures: christening in Norway (9th April 2000)

Felix would like to apologise for the quality (or lack of!) of some of the following images. This is mainly down to problems with a japanese-language scanner. He assures me that these images be improved as soon he has learnt how to read kanji.

Felix dressed (!) up

Fiona, Gabrielle, and Sella in traditional Norwegian costumes
(No, Felix, they're not milkmaids!)

...and Erik

With Svend

Unni and Helen

Great-grandmother Halldis



Anne Marie and Donald

Felix pictures: five months

Heathrow airport - off to Norway

Bath-time Leicester-style

With Abs and Ani Mia

Ani Mia and Felix hang-out at the train station

Felix pictures: six to nine months - Japan

It's tiring, this travelling lark

Bath-time Tokyo-style

Right, if you won't feed me...

...I'm gonna eat the crockery!

Felix wearing his present from Atsuko

The entrance to our hotel in Kyoto

Eating in Kyoto, with Gillian

Waiting for the fernicular in Kurama

Shortly after visiting the onsen in Kurama

Resting outside a Kyoto temple

Daddy, when will my feet be as large as yours?

Deciding where to visit next

At the beach...

...in Kamakura

Girls, girls, girls (and, yes, they all wore shoes like that)

Felix pictures: a Tokyo drinking-den (7th June 2000)

A few drinks with friends from the National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo.

An important "business meeting" with Prof. Natsuo SATO...

...is brought to an abrupt halt

Gabby-san and Felix-kun

Yozo MURATA and Atsuko KITSUGI

Atsuko with Felix



Felix pictures: NIPR party (21st July 2000)

A party held at NIPR shortly before we left.

What a spread! (with Enn Kaup)

Some of the people who put in all the hard work!

Clearly discussing work...

More work...

"Phew!" says Felix, "they're talking about me again."

A sobriety test: How many fingers am I holding up?

Atsuko and Masaki TSUTSUMI

Yoshiko and Sessai

With Yoko

Just to see if we can still all stand up


The sake has now been flowing for some time!

Felix pictures: 9 months plus

With Granny

At Daisy and Arthur's bash

With Arthur

With Uncle Chris

With Annette and Jamie in Norway for Haldis's birthday

Felix pictures: 1st birthday party

Daddy! Where's all your hair gone?

The Mufia and kids (oh, and spouses too)...

Birthday greetings from Claire

Felix pictures: 14 months - Christmas in Norway

A family shot

At the beach in Sola

Ready for the oven

With Alex

Father Christmas has been at the cooking sherry again

Felix pictures: 16 months - Ayr

Felix and Lewis


Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths...



Felix pictures: 16 months - Basle


Gabby shows where Felix got his eating habits from

Felix develops a feel for the culinary...

...and musical arts

With Colette

A walk next to the R. Wieser

Felix pictures: 17 to 21 months - miscellaneous


With Helen and St. John

With Ani and Abs

The drugs don't work

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside... In Nice

Felix's naive period

Leave it out, mum!

Dinner at Em's

Admiring Darren's new wall


Felix pictures: Summer holiday in Norway - May 2001

Messing about in boats

Felix and Benjy pictures: December 2001

Also check out Benjy's first photos

The following are mainly in black and white in an attempt to appear arty...

Devil cat

Felix and Benjy pictures: Christmas in Norway, December 2001


Fiona and Benjy

Christening: What have you done to me?

Ho ho ho - look at you!

Ha ha ha!

Sella and Hallgeir

Felix and Benjy pictures: 2002 a child odyssey

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