Cluster and DoubleStar Ground-based Workshop

Uppsala, Sweden, 9-11 February 2005





Mats André

IRF Uppsala

Balan Nanan

University of Sheffield

Stephan Buchert

IRF Uppsala

Erik Engwall

IRF Uppsala

Sónia Figueiredo

Alfven Lab., Stockholm

Adrian Grocott

University of Leicester

Yasuhide Hobara

IRF Kiruna

Nickolay Ivchenko

Alfven Lab., Stockholm

Hina Khan


Yuri Khotyaintsev

IRF Uppsala

Pekka Janhunen


Harri Laakso


Bjørn Lybekk

University of Oslo

Steve Milan

University of Leicester

Annika Olsson

IRF Uppsala

Arne Pedersen

University of Oslo

Alessandro Retino

IRF Uppsala

Lisa Rosenqvist

IRF Uppsala

Ingrid Sandahl

IRF Kiruna

Andris Vaivads

IRF Uppsala

Simon Walker

University of Sheffield

James Wild

University of Leicester

Huigen Yang

Polar Research Institute, China





Wednesday, 9 February


Steve Milan, Stephan Buchert, Welcome and practical information.


N. Balan, Cluster and ground-based observations of the magnetosheath-cusp region during geomagnetic storms.


Lisa Rosenqvist (Stephan Buchert), Extreme Solar-Terrestrial events of October 2003: High latitude and Cluster observations of the large geomagnetic disturbance on October 30.


Stephan Buchert, Thin magnetospheric current layers and their signatures in the ionosphere.


James Wild, Double Star, Cluster, and ground-based observations of magnetic reconnection during an interval of duskward oriented IMF: preliminary result.


Ingrid Sandahl, ALIS, a system for spectroscopic ground-based imaging.


James Wild, Cluster and Double Star orbit/footprint plots for EISCAT and SuperDARN scheduling.


Yuri Khotyaintsev, The Orbit Visualization Tool.


Yasuhide Hobara, High altitude Oxygen outflow and associated wave activity
observed by Cluster, Event time:
April 12, 2001, 8-10 UT.


Erik Engwall, Cold ions and electric field measurements.




Thursday, 10 February

Steve Milan, SPEAR – update and future directions.


Jim Wild, Cluster/DoubleStar crossing dayside magnetopause with FTEs; SuperDARN and ESR, Event time: 25-03-2004, ~8 UT.


Adrian Grocott, Ground-based observations of bursty bulk flows.


Steve Milan, Cluster/DS in tail; substorm growth and expansion phase; SuperDARN and Polar UVI, Event time: 29-08-2004, ~02 UT.


Stephan Buchert, Conjunctions between Cluster, the Syowa South Pole stations, DMSP, and FAST 2002-2004.


Stephan Buchert, Cluster-Double Star tail conjunctions, Event times: 7-08-2004, 16-24 UT and 14-08-2004, 18-24 UT.




Friday, 11 February


Huigen Yang, Chinese ground based cusp observation in the Arctic and Antarctic.


Mats André, Harri Laakso, Future orbit and operations of Cluster.


Harri Laakso, DoubleStar / Themis / Swarm updates.


All, AOB