Welcome to the Cluster & Double Star ground-based working group homepage.

This website presents information on the structure and workings of the Cluster & Double Star ground-based working group.  This is an international affiliation of scientists who are committed to exploiting the Cluster and Double Star missions (operated by the European Space Agencyand the China National Space Administration) using coordinated group- and space-based instrumentation and techniques.

This site is under construction: comments, views and suggestions are welcome.

Structure of the ground-based working group

*Cluster/THEMIS orbit and spacecraft plots (not for publication)

*Meetings (forthcoming, minutes etc)

*Useful links

*Register or view Cluster/ground-based study intervals

*A list of SuperDARN intervals supporting Cluster (“Cluster common mode”)

*The Cluster ground-based working group mailing list

*A list of EISCAT experiments supporting Cluster by Ian McCrea at RAL (includes summary plots and data)

* Information relating to the Rosetta Earth fly-by, 1-5 March 2005.

* Information relating to the Messenger Earth fly-by, 2-3 August 2005.

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