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Visitor Computer Access
Long term visitors to the group should be registered for computer use. This requires the completion of a Computer Centre registration form followed by registration to use ion and mail (see Nigel) and if acess to the PC network is required see Julian.

Short term visitors are prohibited from connecting to the campus network by plugging cables into any wall ethernet sockets (this is specifically not allowed by the University). This is clearly not ideal and the following arrangements are provided for visitors to the group.

Wired connection is possible in the group meeting room by connecting to the ethernet switch in the wall opposite the two doors (not the white wall sockets). This connects via a commercial ISP thus avoiding the University restrictions. Visitors should select DHCP and Julian can provide the information necessary to access mail services via this ISP but the following information should be adequate:
SMTP address (outgoing mail) should be set to

Wireless access is available in the Meeting Room and surrounding area via the university wireless access infrastructure. Currently 802.11b or 802.11g protocols are supported. Visitors must be given a username and password to use this service. You may obtain this information but must be registered to use CFS. If you are unable to do this then consult Nigel or Julian for help. (Computer Centre documentation can be found at:

This is a two part process:

  1. A member of staff (who has a CFS username and password) must first create a Wireless Network Account to obtain a username for a visitor. This will generate a username and code number which the staff member must then supply to the visitor. (This facility also has the ability to generate multiple Wireless Network accounts.)
  2. The visitor should then log into the Wireless Network (at a suitable access point) using their own equipment and using the special wireless username wnet with password wnet. They will then be asked to supply the Wireless Network username and code number they have been given. If accepted the visitor will then be able to set their own password for their account.
    After exiting from this facility the visitor can then immediately log into the Wireless Network with their new username and their chosen password. [NOTE: Wireless Network Accounts automatically expire 14 days after creation.]

When the vistor logs in for the first time they are asked to agree to a load of conditions for use. Note that in the unlikely case of security breaches or misuse by a visitor there is a record of who provided the username and password which will lead the inevitable investigation to your door.

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