Radio and Space Plasma Physics group Pulications - Calendar Year 1998

Refereed Research Papers

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98-35 Szuszczewicz, E.P., P. Blanchard, P. Wilkinson, G. Crowley, T. Fuller-Rowell, P. Richards, M. Abdu, T. Bullett, R. Hanbaba, J.P. Lebretton, M. Lester, M. Lockwood, G. Millward, M. Wild, S. Pulinets, B.M. Reddy, I. Stanislawska, G. Vannaroni, and B. Zolesi, The first real-time worldwide ionospheric predictions network: An advance in support of spaceborne experimentation, on-line model validation, and space weather, Geophys. Res. Lett, 25, 449-452, 1998.
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98-38 Taylor, J.R., M. Lester, T.K. Yeoman, R. Greenwald, G. Sofko, J.-P. Villain, and R. Lepping, Ionospheric convection response to a northward turning of the interplanetary magnetic field on March 23, 1995 using SuperDARN HF radar data, Adv. Space Res., 21, (9)1289-(9)1292, 1998.
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Conference Proceedings

98-43 Cowley, S.W.H., Excitation of flow in the Earth's magnetosphere-ionosphere system: observations by incoherent-scatter radar, in Polar Cap Boundary Phenomena, edited by A. Egeland, J. Moen, and M. Lockwood, Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht, pp. 127-140, 1998.
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Book Reviews

98-50 Cowley, S.W.H., Book review: "Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere" by Asgeir Brekke, Antarctic Science, 10, 215-216, 1998.
98-51 Cowley, S.W.H., Book review: "The Aurora: Sun-Earth Interactions, 2nd Edition" by Neil Bone, Contemp. Phys., 39, 154-155, 1998.
98-52 Lester, M., Book review “Transport across the boundaries of the magnetosphere” edited by B. Hultqvist & M. Oieroset, The Observatory, 118, 176, 1998.

Edited Works

98-53 Nishida, A., D.N. Baker, and S.W.H. Cowley, (Editors), New Perspectives on the Earth's Magnetotail, Geophysical Monograph 105, AGU Publishers, Washington DC, 1998; preface p. vii.

Ph.D. Thesis

98-54 Provan, G., Coherent scatter radar observations of field line resonances and flux transfer events, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Leicester, 1998.