Arcas Surveying System

High Accuracy Mobile GPS Positioning

Harness the full power of the Global Positioning Service (GPS) to obtain 1m accuracy using broadcast differential corrections. The self contained Arcas package is designed for mobile applications or portable use and includes antennas, cabling and accessories.

Key Features of Arcas

All specifications and accuracies subject to change.

Arcas Surveying System

Hardware overview

Arcas integrates a Rockwell Jupiter 12 channel GPS receiver, an RDS 3000 differential correction receiver, a serial interface and a rechargeable battery in an attractive hand portable enclosure. The unit is intended for connection to a portable PC via a single RS232 serial link. Differentially corrected position, time/date and status information is available to the PC at one second intervals. The unit is intended for use with software to record positions along with other information e.g. inventory control, mapping etc.

The Focus FM premium service provides 1 m (2drms) accuracy. Extensive testing has indicated that this level of performance is achieved even in difficult urban environments. A 10m (2drms) service is also available from Focus FM at lower cost.

Software overview

The board is supplied with Field Geometry Tool (FGT) software for mapping applications. The software consists of an intuitive graphical interface providing four main functions.

Logging: Differentially corrected positions and time of day are recorded on disk at one second intervals. A real time map is displayed to confirm correct operation.

Differential control: Allows control of the differential receiver to select specific transmitters, frequency scanning or limited tuning ranges. This provides improved performance in difficult reception areas and urban environments.

File Utilities: Allow recorded data files to be displayed and exported in a format suitable for direct input into ArcInfo and GWS

POI entry: Allows the location and description of Points of Interest to be recorded.

The FGT application continuously displays time and position as well as status information. Audible and visible warning is provided if differentially corrected position is not available.

Items supplied as standard

The standard Arcas system is intended for mobile applications and consists of :-

Options available at additional cost

System requirements

Arcas is intended for use with a portable PC. This requires a 486 or better processor.

The Field Geometry Tool (FGT) software is a 32 bit application and requires Windows 95 or NT workstation operating system. 16 Mbytes of memory is recommended. The software requires the use of a pointing device for operation.

On line information

The operating instructions can be previewed on line via the World Wide Web at /kallisto/ This page also includes example plots obtained using Arcas.

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