Precision timing from the Global Positioning Service (GPS)

Harness the precision time provided by the Global Positioning Service (GPS) satellites within your computer. This low cost unit allows you to synchronise your equipment or PC system clock to microsecond accuracy - banish those drifting clocks forever!

The following Kallisto information is available:

* Product overview
* Ordering information
* On-line manual
* Kallisto Software
* Kallisto as time reference for synchronising time in computer networks
* Technical information and GPS links
* Why is it called Kallisto? A short diversion into Greek mythology

* Complete Kallisto documentation package in PDF format (273 kBytes)

email regarding Kallisto should be sent to: jth@ion.le.ac.uk
This will be forwarded to Greening Technology.


Differential navigation solutions based on Kallisto

Arcas provides differentially corrected GPS navigation information within the UK. The system consists of a Kallisto GPS receiver and differential GPS correction receiver in a battery powered external unit suitable for use with a laptop computer. Software is available to provide high quality position information for mobile users.

The following Arcas information is available:

* Euro ARCAS supports multiple correction sources
* RASANT version of ARCAS available for use in Germany and Spain
* Product overview
* Example plot
* Differential GPS in the UK and Europe
* International versions
* Why is it called Arcas? A short diversion into Greek mythology
* ARCAS operating manual on-line
* Accuracy A discussion on the accuracy acheived by ARCAS
* Detailed results A 3rd year project report presenting experimental results

email regarding ARCAS should be sent to: ect@ion.le.ac.uk
This will be forwarded to Greening Technology.

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