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Welcome to the Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group

The Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group is at the forefront of research into the interaction of planetary environments with the solar wind. The most spectacular evidence of this interaction are the aurora which occur in the regions surrounding both the north and south magnetic poles.

Aurora in the night sky
Satellite orbiting the earth

To understand these complex interactions, information from a broad range of theoretical and experimental studies is required and the group is active in many national and international collaborations. Experimental studies with spacecraft and ground based facilities are being carried out.

The group builds and operates ground based radar facilities including the SPEAR radar currently being constructed on Svalbard and the CUTLASS radars. (The CUTLASS radar in Finland is shown below.)

This site contains information about the work of the group and its experimental facilities as well as providing access to both real time and archived data. Use the panel to the left to navigate the site and learn more about the activities of the Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group.

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Finland CUTLASS radar

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