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Senior Staff

Prof S W H Cowley - Professor of Solar-Planetary Physics - Head of Group

Dr N F Arnold - Lecturer
Dr S Imber - Leverhulme Reserch Fellow
Prof T B Jones - Professor of Ionospheric Physics
Prof M Lester - Professor of Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Dr S E Milan - Professor of Heliospheric Physics
Dr J Nichols - STFC Advanced Fellow
Prof T R Robinson - Professor of Space Plasma Physics
Dt T Stallard - RCUK Fellow
Dr E C Thomas - Head of Technical Services
Dr T K Yeoman - Professor of Magnetospheric Physics
Dr D M Wright - Reader

The Radio & Space Plasma Physics Group

The Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group at the University of Leicester is the largest in the UK whose work centers on ground-based studies of the Earth’s outer environment and related areas. It consists of about 40 individuals, academic staff, technical and support staff, research fellows, and research students. The research programme concerns the study of the outer plasma environment of the Earth (and other planets), i.e. the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and their interactions with the solar wind plasma on the outside, and the neutral atmosphere on the inside. Fundamental research in these areas is undertaken in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, where six of the senior academic staff hold their appointments (Profs Cowley, Lester, Jones, and Robinson, and Drs Arnold and Yeoman). An understanding of the ionosphere is also immediately relevant to the operation of radio and radar systems directed towards a variety of applications.

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