EISCAT - European Incoherent SCATter facility


The transmitter site has both VHF and UHF tranmit/receive antennae. The UHF dish is a 32m parabolic dish, the VHF is a cylindrical parabloid made up of 4 separately steerable sections each 30m wide and with a 40m aperture. The site is in a glacial valley with high mountains to the north and south.

a view of the UHF antenna from the surface of the VHF antenna.

a side view of the VHF antenna.


The recieving site in Sodankylä is at the Sodankylä Geophysical Institute and is a single 32m parabolic dish. The site is at the side of the river Kitinen in northern Finland.

a view of the UHF antenna.

a view along the river Kitinen.

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