Introduction to EISCAT

European Incoherent SCATter facility

The EISCAT facility consists of two radar systems, one UHF (931MHz.) and the other VHF (224 MHz.).

The EISCAT transmitter site is located close to the city of Tromsø , in Norway, and receivers are located with the transmitters. Additional receiver stations are in Sodankylä , Finland, and Kiruna, Sweden. The EISCAT Headquarters are also located in Kiruna.

A new radar is currently being build on the island of Spitzbergen in the north Atlantic. This is the EISCAT Svalbard Radar (ESR).

We use both Common and Special Programme data. These are usually stored in the UK at the Rutherford & Appleton Labs., near Oxford, where they are analysed and transferred to Leicester. At Leicester the data are plotted in various forms to provide information on the ionosphere.

A typical plot displays several Ionospheric parameters simultaneously to maximize information content. False colours are used to represent the amount of ionization, or the value of temperature.

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