Co-operative UK Twin Located Auroral Sounding System

CUTLASS Specific Information

More General Information

SuperDARN Software Documentation

IDL visualisation programmes

Disclaimer - the IDL visualisation routines are NOT SuperDARN standard software, and no guarantee can be made about their ability to function as advertised. Use them with care or you may drop a clanger. The same goes for the documentation!

The plot_radar widget
The rawful widget
The command line version of plot_radar, or go
STARE VHF radar compatible go routines, gostare
GO-compatible magnetometer routines, gomag
Merged data visualisation routines
Procedures used by the above programs
Software for manipulating magnetometer data
convertIAGA software documentation
The SuperDARN .fit data structure
The Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic Coordinate System (AACGM)
RADOPS 486 Major Revisions to the software for reading FIT files
Description of subroutines for manipulation of SuperDARN data
The CUTLASS statistics data format
The MERGE Program
MMERGE FFantastic - Kathryn's command line merging program
Local UNIX commands for SuperDARN
The SuperDARN map_potential model
The Leicester C version of map_potential documentation


RADOPS 2000 Radar Control Software

The latest versions of the manuals describing the RADOPS 2000 radar control software are available here in pdf format. Julian has a paper copy, but it weighs in at a good few kilos.

The RADOPS 2000 Support Library Reference Manual
The RADOPS 2000 Reference Manual
Appendix A Software Organisation Chart

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